March 25, 2014

A Day in the Life of Rhynn

My husband works three 12-hour shifts every other weekend. Including this weekend. Also, we live with my in-laws, and they are out of town this weekend, for a thing.

On the weekdays, I like to get up before Rhynn is out of bed and take a shower; I get up early and get busy. Sometimes on Saturdays, I like to pretend that "weekend" means anything to the mother of toddlers. In reality, I technically haven't slept in one time in the last 2 years, 9 months, but if I let the kids into my bed to watch Disney Junior, and then I close my eyes and ignore them while they wrestle  cuddle, then I can trick my body into thinking it has gotten more sleep.

This morning, while I was pretending we were going to have a restful Saturday, Rhynn got bored and left our warm cocoon. I discovered later, when I needed to re-read an old text, that she had taken my cell phone and took it with her in the pink bag we use for library books. She went upstairs by herself, and by the time I caught up to her, she had found two tubes of super glue, opened them, and was sitting at the kitchen table, I can only assume, planning her next move.

I then put out the great effort of serving dry cereal for breakfast. Rhynn, I guess, was not impressed. She got down pretty quickly but soon did this to Levi's bowl of cereal.

Fortunately, the floor was still a mess from dinner last night, so this wasn't a big deal. However, I literally walked out of the room to get the dustpan, and I came back to this:
She had pinned this.
"HA HA!" (She actually does a fake laugh)
A few moments later, this was happening. She has a real problem lately with moving the chairs around and climbing in and out of them. A couple times, she has watched me very carefully while slowly lifting one knee up onto the table. As of yet, that's as far as she's gotten.
Next, Rhynn "helped" me to unload the dishwasher.
A toddler can help with pretty much any household chore. Yes, it will take 3 times as long with their assistance, but they won't be in the other room creating a new chore for you. We did the silverware, from her hand to my hand to the drawer, once piece at a time.

Since breakfast was a fail, I gave her some grapes, and she set herself up at this miniature table that's in the dining room. She loves to take a snack or activity and sit here. I think it's sweet. Sometimes she takes the toy coffee cup in there, when she needs a break.
I asked her: "What's in your mouth?"
Considering it was about 10:30 at this point, I did get her dressed. Not too much later I found her here:
"I don't know what happened. It wasn't me."

Really, Rhynn, Pinterest again!?

We ended up salvaging the day, and I did some neglected chores, and the Littles did a great job "helping" me bake pumpkin cookies. These have the treat of choice for me and the kids this fall.
I'm not sure why I felt like it was a good idea for us all to lick the bowl of cookie dough right when dinner was almost ready, but it seemed like the right choice at the time. I may have been influenced by that face.

Now for a movie and some of the actual cookies (if I get them frosted). Have a blessed day!

"Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord." Psalm 127:3

Seriously, Rhynn? This is not your computer! (The laptop was closed and poorly hidden in the corner this last time. She opened it and turned it on).

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