July 26, 2016

Dining Room

We have a "formal" dining room off of our kitchen, although we eat all our meals at the kitchen table. The owners before us used the dining room only. The walls were painted the dark greige that was throughout much of the living areas, and the accent wall was eggplant colored. The "light" above the table gave off no light, and the overall effect was very dark.
The purple wall is one of the walls primed the very night we took possession of the house. There were a LOT of colors in this house, and before we could think too much we had to get rid of a lot of the visual noise. 
Although this room is sadly not used very often, it's probably my favorite in the house. I love the deep blue, and that chandelier is my favorite possession.

The art on the wall was a birthday gift from my mom last year. I think it was slightly damaged and on sale. I think it's so fun. 

The cabinet was a hand-me-down from my parents. Mom had painted it like six times, but I love it all white. 

The chalkboard is one I'm kind of proud of. My mom ordered a mirror, and it came to her broken. She was given a replacement and gave me the broken one. 

Instead of finding a new mirror for it, I painted the existing board with chalkboard paint and the frame white. Much more "me."

I think I love this room because it gives our otherwise kid-friendly home a touch of glamour. It boosts my spirits to walk through the fancy room on my trips to and from the washing machine. 

To be fair, though, the dining room table often doubles as the Lego table, and we kept the play kitchen in here for a long time to keep the toddler busy while I cook. 


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