July 25, 2016

Half Bath, Before and During

We have a half bathroom off the mudroom, near the kitchen and the back door. It's in a great location, for messy kids to come in from the backyard without going all through the house. 

It was also, arguably, the ugliest room in our home, with green striped wallpaper, green toilet, floors of torn and dirty linoleum. 

We used it as a closet for paint and the vacuum for about 18 months, because it was too ugly to go in there. haha

We did get rid of the lovely green toilet about a year ago, but then still did nothing else.

Finally, about six months ago, we ripped out the wallpaper and the vanity. Ryan replaced the vanity, faucet, and light fixture. 

The walls were so ripped up after yanking out the vanity and scraping off the wallpaper, Ryan decided to refinish them with drywall mud and sand them all down to new perfection.  I finished painting this weekend.

It's still a work in progress. We did purchase new floor tile for this bathroom and the adjacent mudroom. It's in our garage, waiting for installation. When we put it in, we will finish the baseboards. 

I would really love to do a stencil pattern on the walls, similar to this:

That's why I painted the walls a neutral off-white. I'll probably put that project off another six months. I am trying to use the summer to do my outside painting, which is keeping my nap time/free time plenty busy.

It's not fancy yet, but fresh paint on the walls, trim, and doors, and some new fixtures make it feel clean, and we use it now!


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